In Tallinn Maritime Days one can go sailing and prepare fish dishes with the Koržets

03. July 2019

From 12th to 14th July the Maritime Days will open up areas by the sea to the citizens. Among the program there can be found several maritime activities, for example workshops and exhibitions on maritime activities, sea rides on sailships as well as on smaller vessels, plus a sailing regatta Tallinn Race 2019. The Haven Kakumäe will surprise with a fish area for two days, where Vladislav Koržets will teach along with his son to cook delicious fish dishes.

“In all of the four harbours one can find maritime activities, that are all at once educational as well as fun,” said Lauri Väinsalu, sea coordinator of the Tallinn Maritime Days. “Already on the first day one can get acquainted with the history of Vikings during the maritime workshop called “Prehistoric Hiking”  taking place at the Noblessner Harbour Territory. At the Old City Marina people are taught how to make knots and the Seaplane Harbour will host a maritime forum on maritime economics. These are just a few examples of a diverse programme,” explained Väinsalu.

In addition to this, Väinsalu brings out that this year it is possible to watch the sunrise in a boat, accompanied by a concert of Meisterjaan. “The departure from the port is at 4 AM in the early morning. The Sunrise Concert takes place only once, that makes the experience even more special,” said Väinsalu.

The goal of the Tallinn Maritime Days is to bring as much people sailing as possible. Thus, on 13th of June from 4 PM to 7 PM it is possible to go parasailing in the programme “Special Sailors” at the Seaplane Harbour. The project features also the Olympic surfer Ingrid Puusta, steering and holding the sheets will be instructed by the Greek parasailing national team coach Iakovos Kikianis. On 13th and 14th July it is possible to all people to learn how to sail at the Seaplane Harbour and at Haven Kakumäe, where sailing courses take place in collaboration with the Estonian Yachting Union.

On 13th and 14th July the popular fish area of the Fisheries Information Centre will get cozy at the yacht harbour of Haven Kakumäe. From the fish area one can buy fresh fish and receive information about how to cook it at home. The beloved cook Vladislav Koržets and his son will show off their cooking skills at the fish area, promising to cook the Estonian national fish, the Baltic herring. The children will be making wooden boats and fish figures, but on Sunday they can play a virtual reality game, where they can experience the life of a fisherman, sailing and catching fish.

Vladislav Koržets preparing catch of the day

During the Maritime Days also the environment topics will not remain undiscussed. At the Old City Marina there will be organized a workshop on marine litter of the Central Baltic Sea project on Saturday.

At the weekend the water taxi will pick up people from the Seaplane Harbour and will bring them to the Pirita district, where at the beach they can participate in the activities for families „Keep the sea“.

The ferry rides will be sceduled during the Maritime Days between different ports, find the exact scedule on the website of the Tallinn Maritime Days.

  • Sailing at the bay, departing from the Old City Marine, from the Seaplane Harbour and from the yacht harbour of Haven Kakumäe. The departure and the arrival place are always at the same port.
  • The scheduled two way ferry cruises are on the lines of  Seaplane Harbour – Naissaar, Seaplane Harbour – Aegna, Seaplane Harbour – Kakumäe.
  • The two way water taxi on the lines of Old City Marina – Seaplane Harbour, Seaplane Harbour – Pirita, Pirita-Seaplane Harbour, Seaplane Harbour-Kakumäe.

Overview of the program can be found